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Friday the 13th (1980)
Director – Sean S. Cunningham

In the summer of 1958 at Camp Crystal Lake, two camp counselors named Barry and Claudette sneak away from a campfire and into a storage barn. Before they are able to have sex, an unseen assailant enters the barn and murders them both.

Twenty one years later, newly hired counselor Annie Phillips enters a small diner and asks for directions to the reopened Camp Crystal Lake. A friendly truck driver named Enos agrees to drive Annie halfway, while an elderly man named Crazy Ralph warns Annie against going, believing the camp has a “death curse”. During the drive, Enos tells Annie about a young boy that drowned at Crystal Lake in 1957 and about the two murders the following year. After Enos drops her off, Annie hitches another ride from an unseen second driver, who later chases her into the woods and slashes her throat.

At the camp, counselors Ned, Jack, Bill, Marcie, Brenda and Alice, along with the owner Steve Christy, refurbish the cabins and facilities. As a thunderstorm approaches, Steve leaves the campground to gather supplies. Soon, the murderer arrives and begins to kill the camp counselors; Ned is murdered off-screen, Jack gets stabbed with an arrow from underneath the bed, Marcie gets an axe slammed into her forehead, and Brenda is murdered also off-screen in the arrow range. When Steve returns, he appears to recognize the unseen killer before he is stabbed in the stomach.

As Alice and Bill are the only ones left, they leave to investigate after discovering a bloody axe in Brenda’s bed, the phones disconnected, and the cars inoperable. When the power goes out, Bill goes to check on the generator and is killed off-screen. When Alice looks around for Bill, she finds his body pinned with arrows onto the shed door and she flees back to the main cabin to hide.

Seeing a vehicle pulling up, she rushes outside and is greeted by a middle-aged woman named Pamela Voorhees, who says she is an old friend of Steve’s. As Alice brings her inside, Pamela reveals that her son Jason was the boy who drowned in 1957 and she blames his death on a pair of counselors who were having sex instead of watching him. Revealing herself as the killer, she turns violent and rushes toward Alice with a bowie knife. A chase ensues, in which Pamela attempts to kill Alice. Following a confrontation in which Pamela is knocked out, Alice escapes to the shore, but Pamela finds her and attempts to kill her again. During the final struggle, Alice manages to decapitate her with a machete and she falls asleep inside a canoe, floating out to Crystal Lake.

Just as Alice awakens and sees police arriving, Jason’s decomposing body suddenly emerges and drags her underwater. She then awakens in a hospital, where a police officer and medical staff tend to her. When she asks about Jason, the officer says that there was no sign of any boy, to which Alice says “Then he’s still there.”




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