Work in Progress

I’m looking to publish something new for every month of 2016. This is where you can find news about what’s coming out and keep up with the tentative production schedule.

Incantations – DUE: February 2016

A town full of death. An old family secret. A murder that looks like suicide. A house that isn’t asleep.

For Angela Tremblay, the only thing left is to speak the words that will allow her to talk with the dead.

She must speak the incantations.

Remember – DUE: March 2016

A young woman awakens in the middle of a scorching desert somewhere in Mexico. She’s bruised, broken, and bloody. All she has with her are a photograph of a young girl and a gun. She has no memories of either her identity or how she ended up where she is. As the pieces begin to fall together and her past comes rushing at her like a bullet, she discovers that sometimes your memory isn’t the only thing that can be taken from you.

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